Oh, hey there! My name’s Bethany, it’s nice to (kinda) meet you — hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet in person!


I first fell in love with documenting moments because of my own life! My husband and I vlogged during the dating stages of our relationship, which was one of the best things we did — we always have a hoot looking back on old videos together! We love reminiscing on our memories through our vlogs, and as I reflected on that, I wanted to help others also remember moments.


I live in Richmond with my husband, Andy. He’s definitely the funny one between the two of us — he brings a lot of silliness out of me! We love cooking, going for walks, spending time with others, and Jesus!

My time, gifts, and skills are all from God, and because of that, I’m constantly asking the Spirit to be with me and help me glorify God in everything that I do. Life with Jesus is amazing, exciting, and you never know what’s next! Andy and I attend Village Church, and love doing life with the Community Group we host!